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“I am a storyteller– a painterly griot of sorts.”

Born in Georgia and educated at Stanford and Oxford, Ré Phillips (b. 1988) is an visual artist, performer, and designer whose ethnographic work explores the culture and aesthetics of the global African diaspora, Kushite and Abyssinian symbolism, of Abrahamic religious semiotics, collisions in Afro-Asia, language, and symbols of faith and peace in transnational contexts. She has exhibited her artwork in Beirut, New Delhi, Barcelona, Oxford, Ankara, Guangzhou, Atlanta and Palo Alto.

As a Georgia native, Ré grew up amidst the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement. In addition to being influenced by Dr. Martin Luther King’s ideas of non-violence, her work is also deeply informed by her experiences as a cultural envoy performing sacred black music with the National Theatre Company of China, the National Theatre of Uganda and the Palestinian National Theatre. She has also performed music extensively in South Africa, Uganda, the Sudan, the U.S. and India.

Ré describes herself as, “A storyteller– a painterly griot of sorts. My stories are layered and address local and global dilemmas through a deeply personal lens– a lens which marries true narratives together with fanciful fiction. Ultimately, I hope to alchemize both personal and global socio‐political struggles into works of beauty, hope, and fascination, for both the viewers and for myself.”